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Mage Nerfs für nächste Woche angekündigt

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#1 KitsuLeif Geschrieben 15. Oktober 2020 - 21:24


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Hey everyone,

We’ll be making the following balance changes in a patch to be released towards the end of next week:


  • Old: [Cost 1] → New: [Cost 2]

Astromancer Solarian

  • Old: Solarian Prime [Cost 7] → New: Solarian Prime [Cost 9]

Both cards will be eligible for a full dust refund for 2 weeks after the patch has gone live.




Very very excited for the news next week (see the teaser if you haven't yet). Balance changes will also be coming next week (before the MT).

While looking at the current environment and future metas, Evocation helped enable a lot of early game swings that could feel insurmountable. We want to smooth that out. At 2 mana, it's not as fluid with Sorcerer's Apprentice and won't be generated from Wandmaker/Spellkin.

For Solarian Prime, we stepped back and evaluated where it stacked up compared to the other Primes. With that and some of the power spikes it can generate, moving it to 9 mana felt appropriate.

On our side, we are continuing to discuss opportunities to bring up some of the weaker classes and/or touch up other play patterns in the near future. Thank again for your feedback, we read all of it (no matter how long that twitlonger is).


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