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Hallow's End - Free Stuff und anderer Kram

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We've got a whole load of fun coming to Hearthstone with the Hallow's End event that begins today and ends on November 9.

  • (Today) The Fairy Tale Bundle is available in the shop.
  • (Today) Battlegrounds Hallow's End Bundle is available in the shop.
  • (Today) Free Hero Skin in the shop for Garrosh - Pirate King.
  • (Oct 20) Rise of the Zombeasts Tavern Brawl.
  • (Oct 26) Free Battlegrounds Skin in the shop for Guff - Stormwind Guard.
  • (Oct 27) The Haunted Carousel Tavern Brawl.
  • (Nov 2) Legendary Quest Chain (2 Stormwind, 2 Standard Packs).
  • (Nov 2) Dual-Class Arena Returns.
  • (Nov 2) Diablo Joins Hearthstone Duels.
    • The first-ever Dual-Class hero in Hearthstone Duels.
    • Warrior and Warlock combined card pools with unique treasures and hero powers.
  • (Nov 2) Diablo Joins Hearthstone Battlegrounds.
    • When you’re playing as Diablo, you become the raid boss.
    • Every four turns, all the other players in the Tavern will try to take down your warband plus the Lord of Terror in a special encounter.
    • Any that take down the Lord of Terror get treasure, but Diablo gets treasure for each opponent who can’t destroy his Lord of Terror.
  • (Nov 3) Brand New Tavern Brawl ft. Headless Horseman.
    • Each turn, choose a card to buff your actor as they automatically duke it out before your eyes!

It looks like we'll be getting a client patch on Tuesday, November 2, since Diablo is not in the current client for Duels and Battlegrounds and that new Tavern Brawl isn't either. Perhaps we can expect a round of balance changes then too, or could this be the mini-set making a debut?


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