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Kein festes Datum für B&R Announcements mehr

16. Dezember 2019 - 18:09



Going forward, we'll no longer be making a commitment in advance to when the next B&R update will be. While we still expect changes to come in a similar pace, and will always announce changes on a Monday, we'll be allowing some flexibility in the exact week of changes. This will let us be more agile and responsive with changes when needed while respecting the needs and timelines of competitive events.



Heißt im Klartext, sie wollen jetzt kein festes Datum mehr für ihre nächsten Bannings angeben, um flexibler zu sein und auch in Notsituationen nicht noch ein paar Wochen bis zu den nächsten Bannings warten zu müssen, sondern direkt agieren zu können.


Magic Legends - MMO Action-RPG angekündigt

13. Dezember 2019 - 07:48


Viel mehr als das ist leider noch nicht bekannt. Ich werd mich wohl mal für die Beta anmelden.

Autochess in HearthStone - Battlegrounds angekündigt

01. November 2019 - 20:23

Neben der neuen Erweiterung wurde auch noch ein neuer Game Mode angekündigt:



How To Get In?

A demo version is playable on the BlizzCon show floor right now!

Early Access starts at 10 a.m. PDT on November 5 and lasts till 10 a.m. on November 12. Only accessible for:

  • Players who have acquired the Descent of Dragons pre-purchase bundle
  • BlizzCon Attendees
  • BlizzCon Virtual Ticket holders.

Open Beta starts on November 12, after the Early Access ends.

  • Accessible to EVERYONE!
General Info
  • Completely free game mode! And you don't need to have a collection to play!
  • Fully functional Tutorial (at launch) narrated by the one and only, Bob "the Bob" Bob, himself!
  • 8 Players experience
  • 24 Playable Heroes
  • Appears to give progression towards a gold gain (10g for 3 wins ...  so the 100g/daily limit?)
  • Cool bonuses acquired via getting Descent of Dragons packs (more info below).


Recruit Phase
  • Instead of building a deck, you will craft a "board of minions".
  • To do this, you'll visit Bob's Tavern and the start of the match and between Combat Rounds.
  • Start with a three (3) gold coins to spend on a Tier 1 minion drafted from a pool shared by all eight (8) players.
  • You'll receive additional coin each round, until your income caps at 10 coins per round.
  • Coins can't be saved up to be spent in future rounds.
  • You can sell off minions for coins. One minion for one coin.
  • You can upgrade the Tavern to get access to higher Tier minions up to Tier 6 and deal more damage to enemy Hero.
  • The cost of upgrading Tavern to a higher Tier is lowered by one (1) each round.
  • You can form a "Triple" - by recruiting three (3) of the same minion, you can combine them into a more powerful Golden version as well as the opportunity to Discover a free minion.
  • Minions with Battlecry effects apply their effect during the Recruit Phase. You can use them and sell right back if you so desire.


The Tavern Options

In the Tavern, there are several actions you can take:

  • Recruit a Minion - recruit a minion to your team.
  • Refresh the Board - refresh the current line-up of minions for purchase.
  • Fire a Minion - remove one of your minions to gain one (1) coin.
  • Freeze the Board (free action) - freeze the line-up and it will appear on your next Tavern visit.
  • Improve Your Tavern - higher tier tavern offers better minions and lets your Hero deal more damage to your opponent.
  • Create a Triple (automatic action) - transform three-of-the-same-kind minions into a more powerful one, and get a reward card that lets you discover a minion from your next Tier Tavern list.


Combat Phase

When combat starts, you will be matched with a random opponent. Minions for each player -starting from the left to right and alternating one by one for each player- attack a random enemy minion, unless the enemy has a Taunt minion, which will be attacked first. Whoever has any minions alive once combat resolves wins the round and gets to deal damage to the enemy Hero.

Damage dealt to Heroes transfers to another round. The status of all other players (including which opponent you will face off against next) will be visible at all times on the Leaderboard to the left of the board.

The match ends for you when you defeat all other opponents or if your Hero's Health was reduced to 0.

  • All the usual Hearthstone effects work the same, Divine Shield negates one attack, Poisonous will insta-kill a minion, Deathrattle triggers when minion dies etc.
  • In between Combat Phases, you can place purchased minions from your hand onto the board or switch position of those already in play.


  • Your current skill rating is visible in the pre-match screen.
  • You gain/lose skill rating depending on your performance in one match.
  • Ending the match in the top 4 will generally increase your skill rating.
  • Ending the match in the bottom 4 will generally lower your skill rating.
  • Battling against players of significantly lower or higher skill rating could cause some variance in rank gain/loss.



Acquire Descend of Dragons packs (by Quests, Gold Purchases, Bundles, Events, etc.) to unlock special bonuses for Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

  • At 10 DoD packs: unlock comprehensive stat-tracking (slated for release following beta testing).
  • At 20 DoD packs: unlock the ability to choose from three different Bosses instead of two at the start of each match.
  • At 30 DoD packs: unlock special emotes.



Und wer sich alle Bosse und Karten ansehen möchte:


Descent of Dragons - neue Erweiterung angekündigt

01. November 2019 - 20:21

Es ist Blizzcon und neben Shitstorms kann Blizzard wohl doch noch neuen Content produzieren. So wurde zum Beispiel gerade das letzte Kapitel für die Trilogie der League of E.V.I.L. angekündigt:


Yay, es gibt wieder Drachen!


Just revealed in the Blizzcon 2019 Opening Ceremony, the final Hearthstone expansion in the Year of the Dragon is Descent of Dragons!

  • New Hero Cards: Galakrond! He upgrades using our brand new keyword...
  • Invoke! Invoking upgrades Galakrond to stronger forms. Casting an Invoke card also grants an activation of Galakrond's Hero Power.
  • All five EVIL classes will have their own versions of Galakrond, which players will receive for free upon logging in within 90 days of the expansion launch.
  • There is a new mechanic called Sidequests; these work similarly to Quests, but don't start in your opening hand, and due to their lower rarity you can run two if you want!
  • Each class will receive a Legendary Dragon, as well as a Dragon's Breath card which has an additional effect when you're holding a Dragon.
  • All four Explorer classes will be getting an 'Explorer', all of which Discover a Dragon.
  • There are two pre-orders available:
    • Standard: 60 packs, new card back and a random golden Legendary; costs $50.
    • Mega Bundle: 100 packs, new card back, random golden Legendary and new Deathwing Warrior Hero Skin; costs $80.
    • Both pre-orders will also give you early access to Hearthstone Battlegrounds.
  • Expansion launches December 10th; there will be a pre-release.
  • The new Solo Content will launch in January.
  • The next Arena rotation will be: Basic, Classic, Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, One Night in Karazhan, Knights of the Frozen Throne, Rastakhan's Rumble and Descent of Dragons.














Wenn Nozdormu volle Manakristalle gibt... Turn 4 ihn und direkt danach Mojomaster Zihi = Profit?


Commander 2020 Preview

30. Oktober 2019 - 18:32



- Commander 2020 kommt zusammen mit Ikoria heraus und es werden 5 Decks sein, die allesamt mit Ikoria zusammenhängen

- man kann sie schon auf dem Prerelease spielen

- 71 neue Karten



- zwei weitere Commander-Decks mit Zendikar Rising



Commander Collection - Green:

- quasi das Signature Spellbook für Commander

- 8 Reprints mit neuem Artwork

- gegen Ende nächsten Jahres im Handel

- ein Teaser-Bild (nicht Yisan, aber ein Spell, den er castet):


Und eine Kreatur:





Commander Legends:

- 20-card Booster Packs

- über 70 neue Legenden

neuer Baron Sengir:


Neuer Planeswalker (Face of the Set):






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