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Nerfs und ein Buff für den 25.01. in den Patchnotes

20. Januar 2022 - 20:21


The following cards have been adjusted down in power level:

Shadowcrafter Scabbs

  • Old: [Costs 7]  New: [Costs 8]
    • Dev Comment: Rogue has seen significant increases in playrate and winrate since the last patch, and Scabbs is a pretty clear outlier in terms of power. We expect this change to make a fairly large impact in the strength of Rogue archetypes across the board.


Wildpaw Gnoll

  • Old: [Costs 5] 4 Attack, 5 Health  New: [Costs 6] 3 Attack, 5 Health
    • Dev Comment: Wildpaw Gnoll was intended to be a strong payoff for Maestra of the Masquerade’s fun effect, but it has been overperforming in this role—even in decks that don’t have dedicated Burgle strategies. We’re adjusting Gnoll to both come down a bit later, as a slightly smaller threat when it does.  


Cloak of Shadows

  • Old: [Costs 3]  New: [Costs 4]
    • Dev Comment: We’re happy with Poison Rogue when it’s a niche player in the metagame, but the current playrate of the archetype is much higher than intended. Cloak of Shadows also combined with Shadowcrafter Scabbs for frustrating play experiences. Reducing the power levels of both these pieces should bring Poison Rogue’s overall power level back in line.


Raid the Docks

  • Create a Distraction (the second part of the Questline)
    • Old: Questline: Play 2 Pirates. Reward: Deal 2 damage to a random enemy twice. New: Questline: Play 3 Pirates. Reward: Deal 2 damage to a random enemy twice.
    • Dev Comment: Pirate Warrior is not a power outlier at the highest ranks of play, but it is overperforming at many of the lower ranks of play. Going from 7 total Pirates to 8 total will promote deck diversity in the Bronze through Diamond ranks.  



Incanter’s Flow

  • Old: [Costs 3]  New: [Costs 4]
    • Dev Comment: When combo Mages play Incanter’s Flow on an early turn, they can assemble their game winning combo at a very fast rate. Similar to our goals for combo-based decks in the previous patch, pushing Incanter’s Flow up a Mana will slow down combo Mages by a turn or two, giving slower strategies a better chance to thrive in the overall meta.



Sorcerer’s Apprentice

  • Old: [Costs 2]  New: [Costs 4]


Rapid Fire

  • Old: [Costs 1]  New: [Costs 2]
  • Old: Twinspell Deal 1 damage. → New: Twinspell Deal 2 damage.
    • Dev Comment: The Rapid Fire and Sorcerer’s Apprentice changes are targeted at some of the strongest decks in the current Wild metagame, to improve the long-term, overall health of the format. Both of these balance adjustments are aimed at decks with extremely efficient from-hand damage, which puts big constraints on which strategies can find success in Wild. By removing power here, the format should open up for a few more viable archetypes to see play, and for the Wild format to slightly slow down overall.


The cards listed above will be eligible for a full dust refund for 2 weeks after the 22.2 patch goes live.


The following card has been adjusted up in power level:

Rokara the Valorous

  • Old: [5 Armor]  New: [10 Armor]
    • Dev Comment: Rokara is one of the less viable Hero cards right now. We want each class to have exciting play options, so we’re increasing her Armor to give her more leeway in swinging into high-Attack minions, and to better synergize with some of Warrior's Armor-focused cards.



Das macht Quest Hunter viel schwächer, gerade der Twinspell hat dem Deck so unendlich viel geholfen x.x

Aber auch Big Oof was Sorcerer's Apprentice angeht :o

Immerhin kriegt auch Pirate Warrior (leicht) einen auf den Deckel... deckt sich mit den Erfahrungen, die ich in meinen Spielen gemacht habe, das Deck war ziemlich stark, aber Quest Hunter war noch einen Tick stärker und kriegt wohl deshalb den heftigeren Nerf ab.


Werde ich wohl ab Februar im Ranked wieder Penguin Druid auspacken, der dürfte durch die Nerfs dann wieder viable werden :>

Plötzlich Nerfs, plötzlich Buffs

21. Dezember 2021 - 07:20

Heimlich, still und leise kam gestern Abend ein Patch, der insgesamt 13 Karten verändert hat (9 davon Nerfs, 4 davon Buffs):


These are all the nerfs that just went live:

Moreover, here are all the buffs:


[UNF] - Unfinity Spekulationsthread

29. November 2021 - 18:23

Release am 1. April 2022 (wie könnte es auch anders sein?)


Was? Ein Spekulationsthread für ein Un-Set?

Ja, leider.

Warum leider?

Es gibt kein Silver-Border mehr. Stattdessen haben wir jetzt den Acorn-Stamp unten auf der Karte:


Tja... und dann gibt es noch folgende Info:


If a card has an oval security stamp (or no security stamp at lower rarities), it's legal in eternal formats (which includes Commander, Legacy, and Vintage). We have dubbed these "eternal" cards. This security stamp technology would allow us to let the two different types of cards commingle in the same set.



Wir haben jetzt also die Möglichkeit auf Eternal-Staples in einem eigentlichen "Spaß"-Set. Mal von den Shock Lands abgesehen, die ja auch drin sind.


Apropos Länder:







Die haben schon Stil...



Und dann haben wir hier Karten mit dem Acorn-Stamp:



Und dann hier zwei Karten, die Eternal-legal sind:



The Space Family Goblinson is also a legendary creature, which leads me to a different aspect of the set. There are 30 legendary creatures in the set, the majority of which are two-color and over a third of which are eternal, allowing the Commander players a whole bunch of quirky commanders. Each of these 30 legendary creatures has a Booster Fun card treatment done in a retro-pop style. We have dubbed these cards the showcase cards of tomorrow.




Und eine Release-Promo:






Ein Buff und drei Nerfs kommende Woche

14. November 2021 - 13:57




Geht dann wahrscheinlich Dienstag Abend live.

Fractured in Alterac Valley - Neue Erweiterung für 7. Dezember angekündigt

03. November 2021 - 13:28


Hearthstone's newest patch has dropped some big news! Alterac Valley is the next Hearthstone expansion which is also the final expansion of the Year of the Gryphon.

Please remember that datamined content is subject to interpretation and may not be accurate. Nothing is final until Blizzard announces it.



Sobald es dann offiziell angekündigt wird, update ich den Fred hier^^




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